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Sexual health restaurant set to open in Cheltenham

A new restaurant in Cheltenham is aiming to provide healthy food and sexual health advice to patrons. Cabbages and Condoms is a Thai restaurant chain hoping to provide good food and help on sexual health issues to the area....

Published: 22nd October 2014

Category: Sexual Health News


Middle class couples 'more likely to film sex sessions'

It seems that the phrase 'a quiet night in' has a slightly different meaning for the middle class. A poll from YouGov has discovered that more and more middle class couples are opting to film their sexual exploits in an evening....

Published: 20th October 2014

Category: Sexual Health News


How much fruit can fit in a condom?

Have you ever tried to test how many apples you could fit in one of your condoms? How about oranges? The question might sound insane, but it is something that was tried out recently in Australia....

Published: 15th October 2014

Category: Condom News

The myCondom Difference

Cheaper Condoms Online

At myCondom we spend a great deal of our time looking for the best prices so that you don't have to! We pride ourselves in being one of the largest and favourite condom shops in the UK and we're confident that our condom prices are one of the very best on the web. We sell condoms in bulk, providing great value for money - the more you buy, the cheaper each condom becomes. You can also buy our condoms in any quantity pick'n'mix style which gives you the chance to try a mixture of condoms or just add a bit of variety to the bedroom!

Condom Quality

All of our products are in date, genuine and CE quality marked. Each condom is tested to the highest possible standards before being sold: They're pin hole, dermatologically, (individually) electronically, tensile, airburst, water leakage, package integrity and aged tested - So YES, we guarantee the quality of our condoms!

Buy Condoms Online

Place your order before 3pm on a weekday and we'll dispatch it the very same day! Not only do we offer the lowest prices but also free delivery on all orders over £5. Shopping for condoms online at myCondom is a great way to save money, our condoms are significantly cheaper when compared to high street prices. We know that some people feel uneasy about buying condoms in shops and so the great thing about buying from myCondom is that your purchase will be kept completely private and confidential.

What Kinds of Condoms Can You Buy Online?

Condoms are, of course an important consideration when protecting your health and preventing pregnancy but they can also add an extra element of fun to your sex life. At myCondom, we don't think you should be limited in the types of condoms you can buy online and that's why we offer a huge range of top-quality condoms from leading brands, names that you know and trust, including Durex, Pasante and Mates.

If you're looking to buy a certain type of condom online, our extensive collection is sure to have what you're looking for, for example, we offer condoms in fun flavours, colours and various designs, with themes ranging from football to smiley faces and even condoms that glow in the dark! Our flavoured condoms include options such as orange, apple and banana, or maybe go for something a bit more unusual, how about bubblegum or blueberry muffin?

Customer Services

Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions about our range of condoms. Email us at You can also check out our sex advice page for condom tips, news and reviews on condoms and sexual health.

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